ManufAI firması tarafından geliştirilen Welding Sequence Optimizer (WSO) is an optimization software developed by ManufAI which determines the optimum welding sequence that minimizes the distortions during welding.

WSO is a fully integrated add-on of welding simulation software Simufact Welding. After creating the welding simulation model in Simufact Welding, process parameters and weld seams are transferred to WSO for automatic optimization. WSO creates and updated Simufact Welding model based on the optimised sequence which is ready to run.

WSO includes 4 optimization algorithms as shown below, which are listed in an order from fastest to most accurate.

1. Domain Knowledge (DK)
2. Branch One / Shortest Path (B1SP)
3. Reinforcement Learning with Domain Knowledge (RLDK)
4. Modified Lowest Cost Search (MLCS)

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