AM-Studio is an advanced Additive Manufacturing (AM) solution that offers a user-friendly interface to guide users through the entire manufacturing process, including post-processing. With sophisticated algorithms and automation, it facilitates component analysis, support geometry creation, as well as slicing and hatching.

FEM Simulation

AM-Studio integrates the simulation software Simufact Additive, a trusted tool in the manufacturing industry for error-free implementation of numerous build jobs. CADS Additive experts have seamlessly integrated this simulation tool into AM-Studio, ensuring a smooth data preparation process. By combining these software elements, you can enjoy the benefits of both during your data preparation.

Titan.Core Build Processor
The innovative slicing and hatching algorithm of Titan.Core Build Processor is significantly faster, up to 30 times, compared to other build processors. This leads to minimal data preparation time.

Even when dealing with highly complex geometries, Titan.Core maintains its speed and efficiency, as demonstrated in the Aerospike-Experiment where one of the world's most intricate components was prepared for 3D printing in just 8 minutes.

Other Features of AM-Studio

  • Easy Operation

AM-Studio offers a step-by-step guidance for users, starting from data import to material selection, choice of manufacturing machine, zero-point clamping system, and even post-processing.

  • Automated Processes

AM-Studio includes a healing function that automatically repairs damaged STL files. Additionally, an anticipatory pre-deformation tool utilizes finite element calculations to determine the intentional printing requirements of a part, ensuring it meets the necessary specifications..

  • Innovative Support Geometries

AM-Studio provides an extensive support library, including popular options like Block, Rod, and Line support geometries. It also offers two special supports, the Tree support and the AdaptiveCell support, which significantly reduce construction time and material usage, resulting in cost savings.

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