TransMagic software provides premier access to open, view, compare and write 3D CAD data. The unique interface and functionality address a wide range of complex CAD data-exchange and comparison requirements across multiple engineering applications. A sophisticated toolset enables you to quickly and accurately analyse and repair geometry to generate the highest quality CAD data translation. Advanced assembly management tools help you optimize and configure your CAD data for use in downstream processes.

With TransMagic EXPERT and PRO, you simply have the most powerful, most accurate suite of CAD data translation and geometry repair tools available on the market today. Our TransMagic product line can open all major 3D CAD formats with full support for 3D GD&T (commonly referred to as PMI). Use TransMagic's powerful multi-CAD capabilities and assembly management tools to manage and optimize the assembly structure, file size, and product configuration of your CAD data for optimal reuse and downstream applications.

TransMagic PRO: Convert any 3D CAD data to the highest quality industry standard neutral CAD formats for use in downstream operations.

TransMagic EXPERT: The most accurate native CAD to CAD translation solution available today for conversion to native CAD formats such as CATIA.

Benefits of TransMagic can be summarized as follows:

  • Eliminate the need for costly CAD systems used solely for the purpose of multi-CAD manipulation
  • Save hours or even days of design rework by automatically repairing and optimizing design data received from other CAD systems
  • Reduce cost and time-to-market by reusing high quality CAD data in downstream operations
  • Save time by easily simplifying and optimizing large assemblies for downstream use
  • Provide accurate, error-free CAD data to customers and suppliers in the native CAD format they need

TransMagic Add-ons

  • MagicHeal: Advanced geometry repair capabilities. Quickly and easily visualize and heal problematic geometry that would otherwise take hours or days to diagnose and repair.
  • MagicCheck: Accurately compare CAD parts and assemblies. Easily identify, document and communicate design changes.
  • MagicBatch: Automate and optimize mass translation of CAD data from one format to any other format with automated geometry repair and customizable output options.

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