Cold roll formed products are important elements in many industrial areas. Besides the major advantages like nearly unlimited varieties of shapes that can be achieved, high productivity and increased strength due to the plastic deformation during the forming process, there are some side effects such as the remaining residual stresses and the high costs for changing and setting up new tool sets.

COPRA® RF allows the designer to design simple as well as highly complex open or closed shapes in a professional way.

COPRA® RF Professional Design Software Modules
Each Module is tailored to a specific industrial application like tube production, trapezoidal sections etc.

  • Module M1: Open and closed profile
  • Module M2: Trapezoidal Sections
  • Module M3: Tube Mill Roll Design
  • Module M4: Shaped Tubes
  • Module M5: Drawing Rings - 2D part
  • Module M10: Wire Rolling

COPRA® RF Professional Technology Husks
COPRA® RF Husks (H) are extensions with specific functionality and require at least one of the above listed Modules (M).

  • Module H1: Roll Design Functionality
  • Module H2: Deformation Technology Module (1st step of simulation)
  • Module H3: Flower Technology
  • Module H4: Roller Technology
  • Module H6: DBMS Data Base Management System - Professional
  • Module H7: DBMS Data Base Management System - Standard
  • Module H8: Spread Sheet - Flexible Unfolding in a Table
  • Module H9: Cage Forming

F1 - COPRA® RF – Simulation of Roll Form Process
Finite element method based numerical simulation of roll forming. Probable defects on product, such as springback, twist, thinning, wrinkles, etc. can be seen prior to manufacturing and necessary design changes can be made.

F3 - COPRA® FEA RF – Wire Rolling
Simulation of wire rolling process. The deformed section geometry can be seen at each rolling stage prior to production.

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