COPRA® FEA RF 2019.1 - New Release

03 Şubat 2020

COPRA® FEA RF 2019.1 New Features

1. Deformable Shafts Available for Simulations With Driven Rolls

The shaft deflections, which was an option in simulation with non-driven rolls previously, is now available in simulation with rotating rolls.

2. Power-Off Restart Option of Simulations with Friction

The power off restart functionality, already available for non-driven simulation, is now available also for simulations with friction.This prevents the user from having to re-run a simulation in case of a sudden computer powerloss.

3. Speed Imrovement

Imroved speed in pre and post-processing, as well as solution time.

4. Automatic PDF Report

Automatic reporting has been improved. Now, PDF is an option.

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Release Notes

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