Simufact Welding 8 is available

07 Kasım 2018

The new version of the Simufact Welding, namely 8, is now available. Some of the new features in this version are:

  • Meshing technology from a single source
  • Increased meshing quality and calculation stability through improved fillet generator
  • Reduce time while creating complex assemblies with a large number of tools
  • Intuitive and easy model setup by automatic gravity positioning and bounding box alignment
  • Extended and improved functionality for the import and export of UNV-files
  • New interactive model and result views increase the usability of the user interface
  • Best-Fit Method: By touch of a button compare simulation and reference model
  • Proper import of result files from clouds or other remote high-performance machines

Companies with active maintenance agreements can download the program's installation files from the MSC Software Solution Download Center (SDC).

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