Our company attaches great importance to ensuring the security of your personal information which you may have shared when both using our website and in any other manner whatsoever. The Privacy Act No. 6698 has come into full force and effect. Our company acts as the data supervisor under the said Act.

1. Your personal information and/or personal data with specific nature which you share through any channels, including but not limited to, our company acting in the capacity of a data supervisor, our branches on behalf of our Company, call centers, our affiliated companies or Internet websites may be acquired, recorded, stored, updated, periodically checked, re-arranged, classified, maintained for a time period that is required for the purpose for which they are processed, and that is stipulated by the related law, in part or in whole, and such information may be exchanged with any public agencies and institutions and/or any real persons/legal entities, services providers and vendors, insurance companies and sub-agencies of our Company, and further, may be disclosed to international persons and entities for any actual requirements based upon law or entailed by the service rendered, and processed including the hindrance of the use thereof

2. Your personal data shall be processed as contemplated by the law and good faith for any explicit and legitimate purposes in conjunction with purposes of processing such data in a limited and prudent, accurate and updated manner. Your personal data may be processed for getting to know and understand you better in order render better services for you, and respond to your requirements in a quicker manner, and improve our communication with you, and inform you about our products and services, conduct analyses to better serve you, evaluate your satisfaction as to our products and services, conduct our quality and standard inspections and audits to the extent as stipulated by the related laws and regulations, and improve our products and services or perform our obligations as stipulated by the laws and regulations which our Company is subject to.

3. Your personal data may be collected by means of any channels, including but not limited to, our Company/our branches/sub-agencies/our Internet website/our call center/our partners, suppliers and vendors, verbally or electronically.

4. Our Company may enter into agreements with any third-party companies. Therefore, our Company, our branches, sub-agencies and other related persons and agencies may process your information as set forth in the Act No. 6698 for the purpose of fulfilling obligations arising out of the governing legislation, and of rendering better service to you.

In accordance with Article 11 of the Act No. 6698, you are entitled;

1. to know whether or not your personal data is processed,
2. to request information with regards to processing of your personal data, if so processed,
3. to know the purpose of processing your data, and whether or not your personal data used in compliance with such purpose,
4. to know the third parties to which your personal data is divulged domestically and internationally,
5. to request the correction of any deficiency or error pertaining to your personal data,
6. to request the deletion and destruction of the personal data in accordance with the terms as contemplated in Article 7 of the Act.,
7. to request that formalities carried out in line with the request as set out in item 5 and 6 herein above be transferred to any third parties to whom the data is disclosed,
8. to raise an objection to emergence of any consequence against the person himself/herself through analyzing the processed data by means of exclusive automatic systems,
9. to claim the indemnification of any losses that may be suffered owing to processing of personal data in violation of the law.

You may convey your request to exercise the foregoing rights in writing or through any such method in case a separate method is determined by the Privacy Board. You may submit your request in an originally signed version by post or as an e-mail signed with a secure electronic signature to This disclosure form is an annex and integral part of any request of yours in respect of any service agreement and service procurement which you have entered into with our Company.

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